La Granja & Surfhouse


Welcome on Granja Tara!

You are looking for a calm place to enjoy a peaceful holiday on Fuerteventura? You have just found a safe haven for humans and animals alike. We are located on the west coast of Fuerteventura, between ocean and desert and close to the beautiful beach of El Cotillo. Surrounded by nature, you will experience the adventurous lifestyle of the Canary Islands. True to the motto „a home without animals is like the sky without stars“, you will spend a fantastic time on Tara Ranch. We offer comfortable accommodations and an active program for everyone.

We offer various holiday programs for our guests. You can combine outdoor activities such as surfing, horse riding, mountain biking and nordic walking with mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Granja Tara focuses on a conscious coexistence of humans, animals and nature. Every animal on our farm has its own story and we´ll be happy to tell you all about it over a cup of coffee.Become a part of the Tara family and share a sustainable living experience on our beautiful island!

Being conscious about the environment does not mean „less comfort“. Have a look at our tiny houses and accommodations to find a cozy place to stay!

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Mindfulness with horses

Horses live entirely in the present, and so they are a living study in mindfulness.
Their ability to be in the moment without judgment allows them to pick up on our subtle body language signals and emotions. Horses often mirror our feelings and when we show stress, nervousness or strong emotions, they tend to show the same. This unbiased feedback from the horse gives us the opportunity to see ourselves better and challenges us to look inwards, explore ourselves, and ask ourselves: what is alive in me now, in this moment?
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Surfen & Yoga

More than 300 days of sunshine a year, countless beaches and reef breaks and great waves all year round - no wonder that surfing is part of the lifestyle of Fuerteventura. If you love the sun, the beach and the sea and can't wait to feel the salt water on your skin, then this is the place for you. You can join our surfing, body-boarding, stand up paddle and carver courses, and to balance them out we offer evening yoga sessions. Yoga is a philosophical teaching whose holistic approach is designed to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Our yoga options vary from Hatha, to Vinyasa and Aerial Yoga, and we also offer yoga with mini goats at times. Please check our current offers for more information.

The animals are our stars

Rent a holiday home on the ranch

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Rent a holiday home on the ranch

Our typical and cosy Canarian finca is completely restored. The beach and the fishing village are less than 10 minutes away on foot. Sea views and fantastic sunsets from all rooms.

The location and the sea view, the tranquility and the many animals on the finca make any holiday an unforgettable experience. The house with its 2 bedrooms offers space for up to 4 people.

Our guests have free access to all facilities of the finca. The animals (horses, donkeys, ponies, etc.) can also be fed and petted. For riding excursions, please make an appointment with us.

Tara Glueckscamp

Help animals with a sponsorship

Tara Animal Rescue Farm is mainly financed by our programme "Mindfulness with horses" and by the support of our sponsors - donations are invested in feeding the animals, the farrier and the vet!

Become a sponsor - we will be happy to inform you!

Our four-legged friends, and also the three-legged goat Flakes, say thank you very much.

Together we are never alone!

We are easy to find:

On the road to El Cotillo, leave El Roque on the right and Granja Tara is on the left, next to the old mill, which is easy to see. At the small crossroads, just before the end of the village, follow the natural path towards the mill. You can´t miss our sign.