The Alaia surf house is located in the centre of Corralejo, just a stone's throw from the sea and the main street. Alaia were the names of the traditional Hawaiian boards used for hundreds of years in the Pacific to surf the waves. These flat, solid wooden boards, which had hardly any rocker and no keels, had not been used since the late 19th century. In 2006, when shaper Tom Wegener tested his Paulonia wood prototypes among pro surfers, the Alaia board experienced a spectacular renaissance.

These boards force us to find a perfect position, a special balance and to use the edges as a turning tool, as they normally lack fins, and thus we only glide on the water. Their use is also defended for ecological reasons, because the wood of the Paulonia does not need to be glazed with polyester or fibres, grows quickly, does not wear out the ground and is practically fireproof.

We offer rental of these and other boards, and are happy to teach you the actions as part of our Personal Travel Coaching. Find out about these and more activities in our surf house, or use our coworking space with free WiFi. In the evenings, the surf house transforms into the "Alaia Vintage Surf Bar", perfect to end the day together with a drink, surf videos and good music.

 DSC0995Du ¿necesitas una buena tabla para tus clases de surf o para coger unas cuantas olas? En nuestra tienda de alquiler puedes alquilar material de surf y tablas, y recibir los mejores consejos de forma gratuita. Con nosotros, la playa está a la vuelta de la esquina, y seguro que encontramos la tabla adecuada para tu aventura en las olas.


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Travelling is no longer just about sipping sangria on the beach and staying within the walls of an all-inclusive resort. Today, people seek experiences for their lives. They want a trip that transforms, inspires and connects them. A holiday that they will take home with them.

Our coaching aims to support you in inviting freedom, joy and ease back into your life. Develop a deeper connection with yourself, discover a better version of yourself, and gain a refreshing sense of work/life balance.

Learn to be mindful of yourself, explore the power that meditation can have on mind, body and well-being, and experience a new sense of purpose in realising passions and self-awareness by trying out nature-bonding activities, for example.

UntitleddsgEnjoy the feeling of freedom on a horseback ride, view wonderful landscapes and spectacular sunsets or experience the amazing full moon on a starry night. Surprise your loved one with a romantic picnic for two, and leave the planning to us. Whether it's a sunset on the beach or a volcano, we'll find the perfect spot for you.

We are in the centre of Corralejo:

In Centro Atlantico on Corralejo main street