Alaia Bar and Surfhouse


Welcome to Alaia Surf House.

A project created by our Ohana - family in the true Aloha spirit.

The Alaia surf house is located in the centre of Corralejo, just a stone's throw from the sea and the main street. Alaia were the names of the traditional Hawaiian boards used to surf the waves in the Pacific for hundreds of years.


Alaia Boards

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These flat, solid wooden boards, which had hardly any rocker and no keels, had not been used since the late 19th century. In 2006, when shaper Tom Wegener tested his Paulonia wood prototypes among pro surfers, the Alaia board experienced a spectacular renaissance.
These boards force us to find a perfect position, a special balance and to use the edges as a turning tool, as they usually have no fins and so we just glide on the water. Their use is also defended for ecological reasons, because the wood of the Paulonia does not need to be glazed with polyester or fibres, grows quickly, does not wear out the ground and is practically fireproof.
We offer the rental of these boards. Experience the authentic Aloha Feeling!

Other activities in our surf house:

We prepare you for the ocean - all ages - all fitness levels

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Dry Surf Technique Course

Dry Surf boards simulate an ¨on the surfboard¨ situation and give you a great time to practice and refine movements that you would not otherwise have in the water. Dry Surf training focuses on practising correct stand-up technique on an unstable on an unstable surface, improving your manoeuvres and, as with traditional training on any functional balance board mainly trains your stability, strength and balance skills. 1 on 1 or small group training allows the instructor to provide continuous feedback and immediate correction . He also adapts the training to your surfing and fitness level to help you take the next step often with only small corrections in your usual body movements.

- Special Surf - Beginners Course ( Theory, Dry Surf and Surf Skate)

Learning the right technique on land first means having more fun in the water afterwards. Surfing is an incredible fun, but also an extremely demanding sport. If you are new to surfing, it is highly recommended that you first familiarise yourself with the correct technique, or if you are already experienced, you can learn to refine your technique in the "Dry Surf" and thus take your surfing skills to a higher level. The more physically prepared you are and the more technical knowledge you have, the better you will be able to move in the water, enjoy it and feel safe.


Functional Training

A good onshore training routine is essential and will allow you to avoid injury and prepare all muscle groups. You will also learn better breath management, more stability and mental control, leaving you well prepared for your surfing experience!
Some of the skills you can improve with preparation out of the water are: Endurance, balance, stability, flexibility, strength and stamina, agility in movements, body control and agility and of course proper surfing movement techniques.


Rehabilitation / Massages

State-approved sports physiotherapist and masseuse helps regenerate stressed muscles, lesions and tension with the proven stretching techniques according to Liebscher & Bracht.


Surf Skate / Carver Lessons

Carverboards, or surfskates, are boards that allow you to surf the streets and plazas... as if you were in the water, on a wave that never ends. A carver is movement, technique and fun. It doesn't take long to get a feel for it and feel like you're in the water!

Since the early days of skateboarding, skaters have loosened their axles and sought a feeling similar to surfing to compensate for the lack of waves. Since then, skateboarding has undergone constant evolution. With Carver, you will have the feeling most similar to surfing. Carver offers the best opportunity to work on the positioning and body accompaniment of every movement and manoeuvre out of the water. We will help you analyse and understand the importance of the ideal execution of each phase, based on the feeling of the different ways to execute it.

Follow Alaia Surf House to learn more about all the activities that will help you improve your surfing in a complex and holistic way.

We are in the centre of Corralejo:

In Centro Atlantico on Corralejo main street