Personal Travel Coaching


Add another dimension to your holidays

Travelling is no longer just about sipping sangria on the beach and staying within the walls of an all-inclusive resort. Today, people seek experiences for their lives. They want a trip that will transform, inspire and connect them. A holiday that they will take home with them.

Our coaching aims to support you in inviting freedom, joy and ease back into your life. To develop a deeper connection with yourself, to discover a better version of yourself, and to gain a refreshing sense of balance between work and life.
Learn to be mindful of yourself, explore the power that meditation can have on mind, body and well-being, and experience a new sense of purpose in realising passions and self-awareness by trying, for example, nature-bonding activities.
Travel has the power to impact a person's life by helping them to explore their soul, change perspectives, expand their mind, push the boundaries of their comfort zone, overcome personal challenges, improve mental and overall health and develop personally.
Everyone travels for their own unique reasons. Some to escape a stressful workday, others to find inner peace, or perhaps to build new personal relationships.
Understanding why you choose to travel is imperative to making it an immense value for your physical and overall wellbeing.
We often forget that constant work and an entrenched lifestyle do little to secure our happiness, fulfil our life goals and lead a healthy and positive lifestyle
It is time to prioritise self-care and make this journey an adventure , a journey to yourself. Get ready to be the author of your own story and allow yourself to improve your life in the way you want.
We are here for you to work out the ideal programme together with you. The combination of the 3 different categories leads to a holistic experience that will continue to accompany you in your everyday life after your holiday.

PTC Programs

Mindfulness with horses

Mindful trust training with horses & sunset and morning rides with horses & meditations.
This coaching is for horse owners and animal lovers who want to learn about the magical connection. What else is possible? What is the meaning of 'mindfulness'? Why does being present change our friendship to trust and connection? Is it possible to be happier and have more ease in the relationship with my horse/animal?
This course is one to one coaching or just in a small group as we all want to speak the same language.
The languages we offer are Spanish, English and German.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness means mindfulness, and is the basic human ability to be fully present, to be aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not to overreact or be overwhelmed by what is happening around us.
In everyday life, we often live mindlessly, on autopilot. Routine actions go by us without thinking about it, getting up in the morning, bathing, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and even driving the car almost by itself, and even communicating with ourselves and to those closest to us is usually careless.

Mindfulness Trust Training

This course is aimed at owners and animal lovers who want to get to know a magical human-horse connection.
It is based on presence and non-violent communication, according to the founder Marshall Rosenberg.
What does it mean to be "PRESENT"? Why does "being present" change our friendship? What else is possible to have a happy and easy relationship with the horse.

This course will show you how much more connection and trust with your horse is possible, change your thinking about partnership forever, and help you build a deep friendship with your animals !!!
Day 1:
We will look at what it takes to build trust for both humans and animals.

Discover how animals respond to our focused presence and conscious breathing
How we share needs and feelings with our animals
Nonviolent communication is easier than you might think The animal-human connection without expectations
Day 2
How to change the way you look at yourself and your animals
Why asking "questions" completely changes your relationship with your animal
Why dominance destroys the trust of your horse or dog
Practical understanding that will help your animal to have confidence and trust
The easy way to make positive changes in your life with animal
Day 3
How to look at negative behaviour situations from a new perspective.
How to create an environment where your animal feels understood
How to help your animals learn on their own
How to build genuine trust
Why you can achieve so much more with gratitude